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Policy of protection of individual information
KAWAGUCHI group esteems the personal privacy, and it thinks proper and appropriate protection of individual information to be a social obligation. Moreover, individual information is taken care of under the following policies.

1. About the collection and use of individual information
When our company will acquire customer's individual information from the customer, the purpose of use is specified as much as possible, and individual information within the necessary range is acquired. Individual information is used only for the provided purpose as follows, except when winning the consent from the customer in advance. However, it is not this imitation when there is a right reason besides the case based on the law.
・For the service offer to the customer
・For the profitable information to the customer
If the connection of the customer can be gotten when the one hopes to inquire or correct of the one’s own information, we will deal with them as promptly as possible.

2. Proper management of individual information
Our company manages kept individual information with the proper procedure. The individual information of the costomer is not disclosed and offered to the third party except getting agreement from the guest or the following case.
・When notifying for the purpose for service offer to the customer
・When it is necessary to cooperate for the organization in the country etc. to do the clerical work that the law provides
・When it indicates or it is necessary to offer it based on other law etc.
It obligates the company in the above-mentioned item that offers individual information based on the agreement of the guest not to leak and not to offer the individual information of the costomer again by the contract, and proper management is executed.

3. About the site in linked Websites
The link to Web sites other than our site is published in our company Web site. Our company doesn't assume the all responsibility concerning contents of those Web sites, the privacy policy, and the rule, etc. at all. Please confirm the privacy policy of linked Websites.

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