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Greeting Message of the President
Recently, the map of world chemical industry has been rapidly expanded with new industrialized nations and variable in both volumes and technologies.

We should be more strategic and competitive to cope with those changes; our company has always kept in mind about synergy of unification of manufacturing and trading since the establishment in 1947.

The piles of technologies in the plant sites and sales in the market have been combined to strengthen our business activities. The majority of 200 workforces of our company belong to plant sites and R&D center was reorganized at Urawa in 2007 for more effective research and quick response to our customers. I think the progressing technology is not achieved in short time but indispensable to dedicate to our company’s reputation.

We are mainly manufacturing peroxides in both Shizuoka and Jakarta, and fine chemical intermediates on contract bases.

Our company is conscious of environmental preservation and aiming the company that can contribute not only to a chemical industry but also to the society.
Chairman of the Board of Director Kazuo kitamura President & CEO Akira Ogiso
Chairman of the Board of Director President & CEO
Kazuo Kitamura Akira Ogiso

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